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Hello again everyone, and thanks for dropping by! I’ve been feeling a bit down lately, but knowing that I have such wonderful and devoted fans is really a huge bump to my mental health. As for physical health, well…let’s just say that my body is trying to make everything difficult for me right now, but my rheumatologist prescribed something that ‘should help’ 🤞

This week’s updates include an updated version release for one of my novels, new promos, and a special meet-and-greet with my lovely cat children, so be sure to read all the way to the end! And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or just wanna talk about my cat-children or tell me to get well soon. They love you already, I promise, and I’d love to company while I’m fighting off this flare!

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Clay, a journalist by trade, would rather be reporting on something big. Instead, his rental car gets stuck in a snow bank in a tiny town where he’s supposed to be covering their tiny Christmas festival. When a hunky handyman, Dylan, rescues him, he’s so stressed that he’s nothing but cold to the guy. But when Dylan shows up at his B&B to fix the sink, Clay learns that it’s Dylan’s parents who actually own the place.

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When Clay uncovers a deeper story that threatens everyone…the town, Dylan’s  parents, his young nephew Aiden who he takes care of, and even Clay himself…will exposing the truth change the relationship that’s only just begun forever?

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Updating Tainted Belief (Again. Some More.)

Practice Makes Perfect - free everywhere!
If you’ve been here for a few weeks, you might remember mid-November’s update where I talked about allll the things I’m learning as I start my new career as an author of spicy M/M romance. Well, guess what? I’m still learning 😅

I’ve received some great reviews on Tainted Belief, which was my first spicy gay story that I put out for public consumption. But there have been a few people who’ve pointed out a glaring error that I had to fix.

In the story, Levi (or Leviathan, if he’s going by his demon name) is trans. I had previously referred to him in the story and the blurb for the book as a ‘succubus.’

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-big secret here – authors have tons of lore for their characters that readers never see. In my lore for Levi, he had transitioned after being cast from Heaven and becoming a demon. “Succubus” was more of a job title than a species, in the universe I had created in my mind for this book, so Levi would have been given his job title before transitioning. 

But this was never explained in the book, which meant that no one who read it had that backstory, and the fact that I used what they perceived to be the ‘wrong’ term was upsetting. Rather than go through and add a new chapter that would be strictly exposition, I’ve simply changed the word from succubus to incubus in the latest release. 

I’ll be working through the promos I’ve posted so far, but some unfortunately cannot be changed. I will stick with the word ‘incubus’ for describing Levi in the future. And I am truly, deeply sorry for any discomfort that using ‘succubus’ to refer to him has caused. It was definitely an oversight on my part not to explain further in the book.

Who are these beautiful creatures?

Practice Makes Perfect - free everywhere!

Something that I’ve been wanting to do more is get myself into this business a bit more. I’ve watched a few seminars on romance authors who suggest creating a ‘persona’ or ‘avatar’ for your public-facing author profile, but I say fuck that. We’re all adults here, and if you want to get to know me, I’m gonna give you the real deal.

So, starting with some of the most important things in my life – my cat-children – I’d like to include a little ‘get to know the author’ section in my weekly updates. I might not always share them here on the blog, though, so if you want all the super secret info on me, join my mailing list <3

This is Copernicus. He has been in my life for longer than he has not. I got him in my first year of college, in 2005, and the shelter estimated that he was about a year old at that point. That makes him roughly 18 years old. He is my precious little prince who can do no wrong (but actually he does), and he is also a grumpy old man who doesn’t like to hang out with the other cats (but actually he does).
Nicknames include Pooky, Pooka, and The Little Prince.
This majestic poofy blob is Busey. He’s a half Norwegian Mountain Cat and half Maine Coon. No, he’s not part Scottish Fold, he just loves things too much. He snuggled something he shouldn’t have and now he has kitty cauliflower ear (like what boxers and grapplers get). This picture does not properly convey his enormous size (20 lbs! We’re trying to get him down to 18, but he won’t run on his kitty wheel) nor his enormous love.
Nicknames include: Chonk, Monk, Chonkmonk, Big Man, and Giant Teddybear.
This is Nugget. Nugget is a little different. He’s a special needs boy who can’t see very well and was born without a tail. He was also born with what the vet called ‘some sort of kitty developmental disorder.’ He’s just not like most cats and doesn’t understand things like how Mr. Copernicus likes his personal space and might find it a little upsetting if someone were to stick their nose in his butt. He also sometimes bites when he’s too happy, but not very hard. Usually. here he is not understanding how to use toys ->
Nicknames include: Bug, Nugbug, Buggle, Buglin, and Tweety Bug.

Latest Books

Practice Makes Perfect


Sparks fly when best friends Mateo and Morgan decide to work together to get good at dating. They’re two good-looking college guys, they just need a little practice.

Too bad they have no one to practice with but each other.

Hey, at least Morgan looks cute in a skirt, right?

Getting dumped sucks, and nobody knows the truth of that statement more than Mateo and Morgan. They’ve been best friends for a couple years, but neither of them can keep a girlfriend for more than a couple months! Mateo hasn’t even kissed a girl, let alone get past first base with one. So of course he turns to his bestie, Morgan, for help. And, after all, practice makes perfect, right..?


Killer Love

Killer Love by Ryder O. Cox
Killer Love by Ryder O. Cox free on Kindle Unlimited!
Harris McGuire and Dalton Gardener are both assassins utilized by the mafia. Dalton is one of the highest professionals on the totem pole, known for his precision and planning, who works for the top crime family in the area. Harris, on the other hand, is a brutal yet efficient freelancer who various mafia outfits have been known to contract. The two assassins’ paths cross on occasion and they enjoy a friendly rivalry, with Dalton teasing Harris for not ‘settling down’ to work with a single mafia family and Harris thinking that Dalton is the more stuck up and limited of the two due to the mafia’s rules which he must follow to a T.
But one day, unbeknownst to each other, they both receive peculiar assignments – to kill the other assassin. Dalton’s comes from his mafia boss, whereas Harris’ is from a strange anonymous (but wealthy) client. The two men chase each other around the city attempting to complete their jobs, each using his own skill set to the best of his ability.
But when Harris corners Dalton in his home, it’s not fighting that he has on his mind…

Discovery (Inheritance 1)

Discovery by Ryder O. Cox
Discovery by Ryder O. Cox free on Kindle Unlimited!

When Theo’s Uncle Harold dies suddenly in a car accident and leaves everything he owns to his nephew, Theo is more than a bit surprised. But he and his boyfriend, Jun, need a place to stay, and the mansion is more than spacious enough for the two of them. But when Theo starts hearing odd noises coming from the study after a few days, he starts to think that the place is haunted.

The truth is much worse.

In a small hidden room, Theo finds a naked man behind bars…


Tainted Belief

Tainted Belief by Ryder O. Cox free on Kindle Unlimited!
Bad: An asexual Catholic priest falls for the choir director at his church.

Worse: That choir director just happens to be an incubus in disguise.

Father Nikolas has been a priest his entire adult life, embracing his vow of celibacy with ease. But what happens when his eyes begin to linger on the choir director long after everyone else has left?

Leviathan, an incubus, pursues the pleasures of mankind instead of their torment. He sees Father Nikolas as just another meal; someone to play with, seduce, nourish himself with, and leave behind. But all that changes when he finds himself growing feelings for the priest.

Will love set them free? Or are they both destine to kindle the fires of Hell?

Representation: trans main character (FtM), asexual main character, male homosexual main characters

More coming soon!

That’s it for this week, but I’m still working on those ideas for how to make these newsletters more fun and engaging with things like giveaways and more ways to get involved in my life and my journey as an author. I’d like to grow my list to around 4 times what it is now before we do any of that, but if you’ve got something you’d like to see me do here, let me know and I’ll do my best to make it happen!