The New Normal (Inheritance #2) is ready for beta readers!

Discovery: Inheritance Part 1, a new menage m/m/m gay romance series by Ryder O. Cox
Hey Ryders, and welcome again to all the new faces. Sorry I’m a bit late this week, but great stuff has been happening!

This week’s updates include an opportunity to become a beta reader, a link to a bunch of free gay books, and some exciting news about my personal life, so be sure to read all the way to the end. And please don’t hesitate to leave a reply and let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or just wanna talk about my cat-children. They love you already, I promise! But first….

Seeking Beta Readers for The New Normal (Inheritance #2)!

The sequel to Discovery and the second book in the Inheritance series is now ready for beta readers! The planned release date is May 3, so I would need anyone who volunteers to beta read this short story to have their feedback submitted by April 26. It’s about 15K words and takes place immediately after Discovery. If you’re interested in giving it a read and leaving your feedback on what needs to be improved, I’d love to have you on the ARC team! Just send me a message and I’ll send you a link to a google doc that you can leave comments on.

Here’s the summary:

After finding Troy naked and locked in a secret room of their new home, Theo and Jun must work to acclimate to their new life together. They help Troy adjust to being a free man again, and Troy even finds himself enjoying the dominant role on occasion. Much to his surprise, Theo craves to submit to both he and Jun.

But a surprise visit from two men that Theo only barely remembers turns their whole world upside down. Jun knows what they’re here for, and it kindles a rage inside him that he hasn’t felt for a very long time. He is determined to keep his lovers safe, even if it means going against a promise he made to Theo.

Trigger/Content warnings – this story includes:
-explicit, kinky, gay male sex
-mentions/memories of kidnapping/imprisonment/human trafficking
-mentions/memories of abuse
-double penetration
-mentions/memories of brainwashing
-HFN/Happy for now ending

Steamy FREE Gay Romance Anyone?

Ryders, check this out~! This month’s gay book promo is 100% Free! My ‘to be read’ list will never stop growing if I keep doing these group promos LMAO (not complaining btw, I love it!). Let me know which ones you get and how much you liked them. I love getting book recs from you!

Free LGBT Romances

The Red Collar, Tokyo MPD Mysteries Book 1, by M. Kato

Click here to read The Red Collar, Tokyo MPD Mysteries Book 1, by M. Kato!

I’ve got a couple more hot reads to share with you. This one is 100% on my TBR, and I can’t wait to have time to start it!

Chief Inspector Hayashi Teruo is short-tempered, impatient and a perfectionist. When another one of his partners resigns, Teruo is assigned a new one transferred from Hiroshima. But this comes with a condition: if his partner bails on Teruo before the end of the month, he risks demotion.

Miyazaki Shinji wants to forget the problems of his past, focus on his new position at Tōkyō MPD and work with the department’s best homicide detective. As a supernatural, Shinji speaks with ghosts of murder victims, gaining insight into the cases and solving them faster.

Before they get a chance to become acquainted, Teruo and Shinji are thrown into a new murder case. The body of a young man is found, killed with a weapon bearing a strange resemblance to a dog’s collar. As more victims are discovered, they need to dig deeper and find the connection between them.
While working on the case, Teruo and Shinji are caught into an irresistible attraction. But being partners on duty and lovers in bed isn’t easy. As Teruo slowly unravels Shinji’s secrets, he questions his partner’s integrity, while Shinji is caught in endless lies threatening his relationship with Teruo as lovers and coworkers.

Click here to read The Red Collar, Tokyo MPD Mysteries Book 1, by M. Kato!

Billionaire Daddy and His Boy Series Collection by A. Little
Read Billionaire Daddy and His Boy Series Collection by A. Little free on Kindle Unlimited!

The other book I was curious how you’d feel about is this one. It’s actually a series that’s been released as a single volume, Billionaire Daddy and His Boy by A. Little. Are you into Daddy kinks and little play? If so, check it out!

Click here to read Billionaire Daddy and His Boy Series Collection by A. Little!

These stories feature age play. All characters are adults over the age of 18 and are in consensual relationships.

Cheswick Ludwig Fontaine IV was tired. Groomed to be a successful business from birth, he’d studied and worked hard his entire life. He’d even turned the millions left him by both sets of grandparents into his first billion while still in college.Unable to face the pressure of being urged to make even more money, he simply walked out of a meeting.

Richard Neville knows a Little when he sees one. Cheswick might not know it yet, but he was made to be Richard’s Little. When circumstances brings Cheswick to Richard, he quickly offers him a deal- be his Little for three months and take a much needed break from all the stress and worry or go back to his daily grind.

Cheswick is intrigued. He’d never gotten to actually play before or do any of the things his classmates did when not in school. Besides, he really could use the break. His management team could handle things and if anything too serious came up, they could get in contact through Richard. It was a win/win, if more than a bit unconventional. But the real question was, once he becomes Little Ches, can he ever go back to being Cheswick?

(Blurb is from book 1)

This omnibus (boxset) includes A Daddy for the Billionaire, A Baby for Jacob, A Daddy for Shay, and A Brother for Andy.

Click here to read Billionaire Daddy and His Boy Series Collection by A. Little!

How Can You Support Indie Authors?

Support Indie Authors

I added an entire new page to my site with plenty of ways you can support me and independent authors like me without having to spend a dime! The graphic above shows the basics, but this page has a more in-depth description of how to do each one and why each one helps –

Inside My Mind

No new questions this week in my NGL, but I do have some exciting news for me! If you want to send me a question to answer in the future, feel free to leave a reply to this blog. Or if you want to send anonymously you can use my NGL link –

Now for the exciting news… 

I have a girlfriend now! A friend who I’ve been spending lots of time with lately and who shares a lot of the same interests (and disabilities) asked me out and I said yes. She’s my first girlfriend and I’m all fluttery and excited and I just want to be around her all the time and it’s so hard to have to work instead of just snuggling and watching TV together LOL. I am feeling 100% how my characters in my stories feel – butterflies and blushing and everything whenever we’re together haha. She’s just so sweet and supportive and I could literally gush about here all day if you let me!