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Read spicy gay MM paranormal Romance novel Silver and Sage by A D Ellis
free spicy gay romance on kindle unlimited

Nothing was worse than getting turned into a monster by the one person who was never supposed to harm you. I couldn’t remember a time when I hadn’t been a monster, and I’d given up hope of ever being anything else.

Then Valerio showed up, and he told me things could be different. That he knew what real monsters looked like, and I could help him hunt them down.


I’d never met a monster who was less monster-like than Dell. So what if he needed to eat human flesh to survive? I could offer him a five-course meal and clean the world of some filth in one go.

I was determined to show him how different he was from true monsters, if only so he’d stop starving himself. He was kind and innocent, the complete opposite of what monsters were.

Salvation is an MM monster x supernatural romance featuring a wendigo who hates what he is until his mate shows him otherwise, a vampire who revels in his bloodlust, and a romance that is slow to spark, but blazing once it’s lit.

Warning: While Salvation includes the usual dose of Stella Rainbow sweetness, it features a wendigo and a vampire with very particular eating habits, so be advised about the…mess that might entail.

TW: Mention of physical & sexual abuse against background characters, past parental abuse.


Silver and Sage

Read spicy gay MM Billionaire Romance novel Silver and Sage by A D Ellis
free spicy gay romance on kindle unlimited
Bode Silver doesn’t have time for feelings or a relationship. Then Sage shows up.
Sage is Silver’s exact opposite, his renter, and his new employee. The kid is much too young and much too innocent.
There are a million reasons why Silver and Sage should never get together. And Silver plans to keep it that way.
Until all of those reasons go up in flames with one kiss.
Silver & Sage is a steamy, slow burn M/M age gap, opposites-attract romance between a shy, inexperienced nerd and an outgoing grump of a bar owner.


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Read spicy gay MM Romance novel One Step Forward Two Steps Back by Cyd Sidney
free spicy gay romance on kindle unlimited


I should be applying for grad school. Or looking for a job. Anything to get out of my awful rut. But instead, I’m obsessing about the dancer I hooked up with at the ballet studio. Who would have thought a gig playing the piano would lead to the hottest sex of my life? Before we got down to it, I think I promised to help out on a dance concert he’s producing. I was in such a lust haze I barely remember. He’d better text soon. I wonder if he’s still interested in seeing me in a very unprofessional capacity.


I can barely focus on the upcoming dance concert or my move to New York. I’m thinking about that cute pianist instead. Did I tell him I’m moving? Things happened so fast between us I can’t remember. I’ve never had an experience like that where I was totally unraveled by a stranger. If I wasn’t about to move across the country, I would definitely want to go another round. But I’m leaving, so no more hot domination games with Joshua. I’ve got to keep things professional and not fixate on the way his elegant fingers moved across my body.


A Place for Alisdair

Read spicy gay MM Romance novel A Place for Alisdair by Caleb Marks
free spicy gay romance on kindle unlimited

Alistair Simmons and his college buddies are determined to hold on to their rented house until they graduate college. The exasperatingly alluring Finn Roberts is in charge of handling the repairs. Alistair must get creative to convince Finn to stop the house from going on the market.

My long-time friend, Grey, has me getting the properties of his recent late father in Saltwater Cove ready to sell. I couldn’t say no since Grey helped me out so much with my messy divorce.

This one property, though—the one with the college kids—is going to be a headache.

Our first scheduled meeting turns south when one kid, er, the twenty-four-year-old, Alistair, shows up late.

I have a soft spot for him, though. Going for his MFA, I know he won’t find a cheaper place to rent. Yet this house needs a total overhaul. And didn’t I mention he’s drop dead gorgeous?

From the moment I gazed into his sea-green eyes, I knew I was in trouble.

But he’s too young for me, not to mention, he’s my boss’ tenant. I don’t even want to imagine the turmoil our relationship would bring to my son’s life. His grandparents, who have visitation rights, are just looking for an excuse to get full custody.

I can’t deny my feelings for him anymore. With each passing week, it’s heating up…

This property and Alistair… just may be too hot to handle!

A Place for Alistair is a small town, age gap, off-limits, alpha, college M/M romance that happens over the summer months. You’ll find hot, steamy moments and intimate encounters with a HEA ending to love.


The Red Collar

The Red Collar, a hot, gay, MM Romance novel by M. Kato, FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
free spicy gay romance on kindle unlimited

Chief Inspector Hayashi Teruo is short-tempered, impatient and a perfectionist. When another one of his partners resigns, Teruo is assigned a new one transferred from Hiroshima. But this comes with a condition: if his partner bails on Teruo before the end of the month, he risks demotion.

Miyazaki Shinji wants to forget the problems of his past, focus on his new position at Tōkyō MPD and work with the department’s best homicide detective. As a supernatural, Shinji speaks with ghosts of murder victims, gaining insight into the cases and solving them faster.

Before they get a chance to become acquainted, Teruo and Shinji are thrown into a new murder case. The body of a young man is found, killed with a weapon bearing a strange resemblance to a dog’s collar. As more victims are discovered, they need to dig deeper and find the connection between them.

While working on the case, Teruo and Shinji are caught into an irresistible attraction. But being partners on duty and lovers in bed isn’t easy. As Teruo slowly unravels Shinji’s secrets, he questions his partner’s integrity, while Shinji is caught in endless lies threatening his relationship with Teruo as lovers and coworkers.


Billionaire Daddy and His boy Series

Billionaire Daddy and his boy: a hot, gay, MM Romance series by A. Little, FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
free spicy gay romance on kindle unlimited

These stories feature age play. All characters are adults over the age of 18 and are in consensual relationships.

Cheswick Ludwig Fontaine IV was tired. Groomed to be a successful business from birth, he’d studied and worked hard his entire life. He’d even turned the millions left him by both sets of grandparents into his first billion while still in college.Unable to face the pressure of being urged to make even more money, he simply walked out of a meeting.

Richard Neville knows a Little when he sees one. Cheswick might not know it yet, but he was made to be Richard’s Little. When circumstances brings Cheswick to Richard, he quickly offers him a deal- be his Little for three months and take a much needed break from all the stress and worry or go back to his daily grind.

Cheswick is intrigued. He’d never gotten to actually play before or do any of the things his classmates did when not in school. Besides, he really could use the break. His management team could handle things and if anything too serious came up, they could get in contact through Richard. It was a win/win, if more than a bit unconventional. But the real question was, once he becomes Little Ches, can he ever go back to being Cheswick?

(Blurb is from book 1)

This omnibus (boxset) includes A Daddy for the Billionaire, A Baby for Jacob, A Daddy for Shay, and A Brother for Andy.


A Hellhound Called Derek

A Hellhound Called Derek: a hot, gay, MM Romance novel by Michelle Frost, FREE on Kindle Unlimited!
free spicy gay romance on kindle unlimited

Touch his mate and you’ll wish for the fires of hell.

Alpha of the Hellhound enforcers, Derek doesn’t think he has time for a mate until the Paranormal Council of the city gives him one.

Hollis is smart, funny, vulnerable…human, and his police commissioner uncle has designs to use Hollis’s new mating for his own ends.

He’ll learn quickly not to mess with a hellhound’s mate.

A Hellhound Called Derek is the first in this fast-paced novella series where the paranormals are all deliciously protective of their humans…no matter what type of trouble they get into.


Accidental First Date

accidental first date gay mm romance by casey morales

I didn’t run when he kissed me. Why didn’t I run?

I thought we were just two friends going to see a movie. He thought it was a date.When he picked the movie Threesome, I thought it was odd. Then his arm pressed against mine.When he kissed me, I thought my heart might burst.

What followed was a hilariously authentic beginning to a lifetime of love and laughter. You’ll love this story because everyone, gay or straight, can identify with Michael’s journey and root for him as he grows and evolves.


The Perfect Blend

The Perfect Blend - spicy gay mm coffee house romance by A. D. Ellis

Justin plans to put his business and baking skills to good use once he owns the small-town coffee shop of his dreams. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true. If that means involving an unsuspecting silver fox in his scheme, so be it.

Morgan knows moving to Briarton was the right step in getting his life back on track. A case of mistaken identity lands Morgan right in the middle of young, handsome Justin’s completely unexpected plan. Morgan should just say no, but something deep inside urges him to take a chance.

Will Justin and Morgan complete the terms of their unconventional deal? Or will they finally admit there’s more between them than they first realized?

The Perfect Blend is a steamy, M/M age-gap, marriage of convenience, coffee shop romance.


In Pain and Blood

spicy gay fantasy romance in pain and blood by Aldrea Alien
free spicy gay romance on kindle unlimited

He’s unleashed. Unprepared. And thoroughly screwed.

Dylan’s life in the spellster tower has everything he should want: magical knowledge, safety from the King’s Hounds and frequent clandestine affairs with women. All at the cost of his freedom. So when the chance to leave the tower—even as a leashed weapon for the King’s Army—arises, he seizes it.

When his first scouting mission goes awry, Dylan is left alone in a hostile world with the tower a distant beacon of safety. Only the flirtatious Tracker, an elven man whose very presence awakens Dylan’s long-repressed desire, can help him return to his old life before the crown discovers his unleashed status.

But the risk of being branded a deserter may be the least of his concerns as whispers of an armed presence in the North threatens his home. Dylan must rely on Tracker to protect him even as everything he thought he knew begins to unravel around them.

*This book contains violence, gore and explicit adult themes.*
*This second edition shares the main storyline with In Love and Death and has additional content from Tracker’s pov.*  


Falling for My Roommate

spicy gay romance falling for my roommate by Jessie Wilson

Jayden, my new roommate. Confident. Sexy as hell. Dimples to die for.

Me? Apparently not as straight as I thought I was.

One night, after accidentally peeking on Jayden completely naked on his bed and pleasing himself, something stirrs inside me. I want him. I need him to touch me like that. And it seems he wants me too.

But what starts as simple lust turns into something unexpected and I’m finding myself falling for my roommate.


A Devilish Saturnalia

spicy gay paranormal romance a devilish saturnalia by Alexa Piper
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Lionel and Lucifer are spending the holidays in Scotland. They are set to enjoy a quiet Midwinter, and Lionel is looking forward to spending this time with his found family, although having a family is still new for him.

Lucifer’s goals for this holiday season are simple: convince his necromancer to willingly stay in bed with Lucifer, but of course, that is just a fantasy. Lucifer knows it’s not what his necromancer needs, and the cruel side of love is that even the Devil has to put his lover first.

Snowed in, will these two and those who love them find something to do to pass the longest night of the year? In this sweet and cozy read, you will find out.


Covering Christmas

Clay, a journalist by trade, would rather be reporting on something big. Instead, his rental car gets stuck in a snow bank in a tiny town where he’s supposed to be covering their tiny Christmas festival. When a hunky handyman, Dylan, rescues him, he’s so stressed that he’s nothing but cold to the guy. But when Dylan shows up at his B&B to fix the sink, Clay learns that it’s Dylan’s parents who actually own the place.

When Clay uncovers a deeper story that threatens everyone…the town, Dylan’s  parents, his young nephew Aiden who he takes care of, and even Clay himself…will exposing the truth change the relationship that’s only just begun forever?

Covering Christmas is a standalone M/M Christmas novel featuring strangers to lovers, small town snowy holiday feels, a town secret, a loving family, and a warm, cozy HEA ending.