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Free Gay MM Romance Novels
Hey Ryders, and a warm welcome to all the new faces! Not too much has happened since the last blog update, but this week’s updates do include a hot book rec, a link to a hot gay book sale, a confession, and a bit of information about what’s been going on with me, so be sure to read all the way to the end. And please leave a reply or drop me an email if you have any questions, suggestions, or just wanna talk about my cat-children. They love you already, I promise!

Hot FREE MM Romance for July!

Free Gay MM Romance Novels

July just started, and that means that it’s time for a new book deal. This month there will be 2, but this first one is totally free! Be sure to check out all of these sexy, free MM romance books and short stories, and leave reviews for any you end up reading. The sale is only on until the end of July, so be sure to check them out now!

Free MM Romance Books & Short Stories

This Paranormal Romance is HOT!

Read Salvation by Stella Rainbow free on Kindle Unlimited!

Click here to read Salvation by Stella Rainbows now!

I am like 2 chapters away from finishing this story and I am loving it! Both characters are totally adorable (even though Val tries to think of himself as tough) and I love the representation of PTSD and working through trauma! Here’s the synopsis:

Dell: Nothing was worse than getting turned into a monster by the one person who was never supposed to harm you. I couldn’t remember a time when I hadn’t been a monster, and I’d given up hope of ever being anything else.

Then Valerio showed up, and he told me things could be different. That he knew what real monsters looked like, and I could help him hunt them down.

Valerio: I’d never met a monster who was less monster-like than Dell. So what if he needed to eat human flesh to survive? I could offer him a five-course meal and clean the world of some filth in one go. I was determined to show him how different he was from true monsters, if only so he’d stop starving himself. He was kind and innocent, the complete opposite of what monsters were.

Salvation is an MM monster x supernatural romance featuring a wendigo who hates what he is until his mate shows him otherwise, a vampire who revels in his bloodlust, and a romance that is slow to spark, but blazing once it’s lit.

Warning: While Salvation includes the usual dose of Stella Rainbow sweetness, it features a wendigo and a vampire with very particular eating habits, so be advised about the…mess that might entail. TW: Mention of physical & sexual abuse against background characters, past parental abuse.

Click here to read Salvation by Stella Rainbows now!

Confession Time…

So I feel like I need to come clean about something. I haven’t been writing. I’ve wanted to, in theory, but things have been rough lately. I’m struggling physically, emotionally, and mentally, and I’m not sure how to break out of this funk. I’ve started therapy, but we’re still in the early ‘getting to know you’ stages, so we’ll have to see how it goes.

I’m also potentially losing my health insurance for a bit. I filled out the renewal paperwork wrong and, based off the wrong info I gave, they determined that I am no longer eligible. I appealed, but we are moving at the speed of overworked government employees, so it’s just a waiting game.

On top of that, I still don’t have my tooth fixed because my dentist quit and I’m trying to find a new one. Plus my girlfriend is moving and it needs to be dome super quick (like in a couple week’s time) so I’ll be helping with that too.

I’m not giving up on writing, not by any means. But if I don’t release another book before 2024, know that it’s not for lack of trying! I am still very excited about Depths of Desire (aka Gay Mermen Book 1) and I truly do think that it is shaping up to be my best so far. But if I want it to be the best that I can make it, I’m going to have to be gentle with myself during the writing process. Thank you all for joining me on this journey!

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Support Indie Authors
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Inside My Mind

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No new questions this week in my NGL, and I basically told you ball what’s up in the last section. If you want to send me a question for a future update, feel free to leave a comment on this blog post. Or, if you want to send anonymously, you can use my NGL link – https://ngl.link/authorryderocox​ See you in a couple weeks with another update!

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