Cover Update for Tainted Belief & More!

trans gay sexy story about a succubus and a priest


11/23/2022 – Updates, new cover for Tainted Belief, plus an early subscribers-only release of Practice Makes Perfect!


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Still Growing!

I said it last time, and I meant it – you are my beginning! And I really want to find more and more ways to include you in my journey to becoming a successful smut author. I’ve learned and grown so much in just a single week, and it’s so exciting to see my dreams start to become reality! Thank you!
If you’re looking for ways that you personally can help, sharing my stuff on social media, rating and reviewing my books when you read them (especially on Amazon and Goodreads!) and even just joining my free mailing list are all great ways to give me a bit of a boost.

Look at all these steamy books!!!

I also mentioned last time that my list is tiny, but author friends assure me that one of the best ways to get myself out there is to get a bigger one ( ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶’̶s̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶a̶i̶d̶). In order to do that, I’ve joined a couple badass promos! Basically, I get ‘karma points’ for every time someone clicks one of the links I’ve provided here. Having higher karma means that I’ll be able to do more and bigger promotions, so please do so even if they don’t sound like your thing!

Steamy November New Releases

First is the Steamy November New Releases promo. It’s full of sexy, steamy romance, and I’m super happy to be involved! A lot of them are free, or else free on Kindle Unlimited, so be sure to click the link and check them out here!

End of November Erotic Stories – LGBTQ+

The other promo I joined is for specifically LGBTQ+ spicy reads, so I’m super excited for that one too! There are some seriously hot ones on here, so be sure to give them a try! Most are available on Kindle Unlimited there too, and some have samples. Click here to check out the promo!


…is still kicking my ass. For those of you who don’t know, this is my first year trying National Novel Writing Month. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically where people challenge themselves during the month of November to write 50K-100K words in a month. You set your personal goal at the beginning (I chose 50K) and are supposed to write & update your profile with what you’ve done each day.
Last week I gave you a small update on my numbers. Well, in good news, I’ve gone from 8K last week to 20K this week! Unfortunately, that’s still not on track. In order to be finished on time, I’ll have to write about 4K words per day until the end of November. Not impossible by any means, but I’m still not sure I’ll make it. But I’m not giving up, so wish me luck!

Depths of Desire

The new story I’m writing for NaNoWriMo is called Depths of Desire. In case you missed the update, it’s about an actor named Percival Warrens, Percy for short, who is filming a movie about mermaids. He is, in fact, the star of the film, and gets to wear a gorgeous custom mermaid tail and everything.
But while they’re out at sea filming, a storm throws him overboard and sinks the ship. But he’s the protagonist, so he can’t die, right? However, his rescuer is none other than a real merman, who tries to take Percy as his mate!
I’d say that 20K is probably about 1/3 of the book written, but this is probably the most excitement I’ve seen for a book of mine before it’s been released, let alone before finishing reading it! I wish I could put a firm release date on it, but the NaNo writing will just be a portion of the first draft. This book will be my longest yet, and I’m pretty sure it might hit 60K or even 80K words! I can’t wait to share even more soon!
(PS – the painting isn’t the cover, it’s just a really cool paint-by-number that I did and thought it fit haha. And if you know anyone who does affordable book covers, please let me know by replying to this email!)

Cover Update for Tainted Belief

Ta-da~! This is the new and extremely improved cover for my first novel, Tainted Belief! Mailing list subscribers got to see it well before anyone else. I sent it to them even before I uploaded it to Amazon, and they take an average of 3 days to implement any updates I send, haha oops! I’ve never used this cover artist before, and I don’t think they’d be a good fit for Depths of Desire, but I’m definitely more pleased with this cover than with the original I made! Let me know what you think!

More Reviews for Practice Makes Perfect

Look at all the love that Practice Makes Perfect is getting from the beta readers! I could literally cry, I’m so happy with all the reviews so far! Make sure to visit all the sites of the lovely people who have read and offered their opinions on the story so far! I wasn’t able to find everyone, so if I missed you and you want to be mentioned in my next update, please let me know!

Titles and Treats:
Mx Sally Bend:
Heidi Lynn:
Raina Reads:
And a quick synopsis of the book:
Sparks fly when best friends Mateo and Morgan decide to work together to get good at dating. They’re two good-looking college guys, they just need a little practice.
Too bad they have no one to practice with but each other. Hey, at least Morgan looks cute in a skirt, right?

Getting dumped sucks, and nobody knows the truth of that statement more than Mateo and Morgan. They’ve been best friends for a couple years, but neither of them can keep a girlfriend for more than a couple months! Mateo hasn’t even kissed a girl, let alone get past first base with one. So of course he turns to his bestie, Morgan, for help. And, after all, practice makes perfect, right..?

Get it now FREE Nov 30th!

Practice Makes Perfect; a new steamy cross dressing M/M erotic romance short story coming soon from Ryder O. Cox
That’s right! As a thank you for being a mailing list subscriber, I sent a link for an early copy to all of my members. Everyone else will have to either sign up for my mailing list, or wait until Nov 30th to get the book.
That’s it for this week, but I’ve already got some plans on how to make these newsletters more fun and engaging with things like giveaways and more ways to get involved in my life and my journey as an author. If you’ve got something you’d like to see me do here, let me know by replying to this email and I’ll do my best to make it happen!

Latest Books

Killer Love

Two assassins, one high class and working for a mob boss, the other a freelancer who works for anyone who’ll pay him. What happens when they are both contracted to kill one another? Kill or kiss, what’s it gonna be…?

Discovery (Inheritance 1)

When Theo’s Uncle Harold dies suddenly in a car accident and leaves everything he owns to his nephew, Theo is more than a bit surprised. But he and his boyfriend, Jun, need a place to stay, and the mansion is more than spacious enough for the two of them. But when Theo starts hearing odd noises coming from the study after a few days, he starts to think that the place is haunted.
The truth is much worse.
In a small hidden room, Theo finds a naked man behind bars…

Tainted Belief

Bad: An asexual Catholic priest falls for the choir director at his church.
Worse: That choir director just happens to be a succubus in disguise.

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