Last Call for New Normal Beta Readers!

The New Normal: Inheritance Part 2, a new menage m/m/m gay romance series by Ryder O. Cox


Hey Ryders, and welcome again to all the new faces. This week has been garbage! (Taxes😒) but I’m happy to say that I am right on schedule for releasing The New Normal! My mailing list followers got this update as an email on Wednesday, so if you’re looking for the latest up-to-date announcements and celebrations from me, be sure to join here!

This week’s updates include a cover reveal, an opportunity to become a beta reader, a link to a bunch of free gay books, and some words of encouragement for you all, so be sure to read all the way to the end.

And as always, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop me an email if you have any questions, suggestions, or just wanna talk about my cat-children. They love you already, I promise! But first….


Cover reveal for The New Normal (Inheritance #2), plus you can still sign up to beta read!

The New Normal by Ryder O. Cox

The sequel to Discovery and the second book in the Inheritance series is scheduled to come out May 3rd. It’s called The New Normal, and it takes place a couple weeks after the end of Discovery.

The New Normal is still accepting beta readers too, so if you want a free early access copy just hit reply! I will send you a google document just for you where you can read and leave your comments. I’d need your comments by April 30th to give me time to implement them into the story. And once the book is out, I can send you an e-book copy as well!

It’s about 15K words, so shouldn’t take too long to read through, so if you’re interested in giving it a read and leaving your feedback on what needs to be improved, I’d love to have you on the beta reader and/or ARC team! Simply drop me an email at

Here’s the summary:

After finding Troy naked and locked in a secret room of their new home, Theo and Jun must work to acclimate to their new life together. They help Troy adjust to being a free man again, and Troy even finds himself enjoying the dominant role on occasion. Much to his surprise, Theo craves to submit to both he and Jun.

But a surprise visit from two men that Theo only barely remembers turns their whole world upside down. Jun knows what they’re here for, and it kindles a rage inside him that he hasn’t felt for a very long time. He is determined to keep his lovers safe, even if it means going against a promise he made to Theo.

Trigger/Content warnings – this story includes:
-explicit, kinky, gay male sex
-double penetration
-mentions/memories of kidnapping/imprisonment/human trafficking
-mentions/memories of abuse
-mentions/memories of brainwashing
-HFN/Happy for now ending

Free LGBT Romances

Steamy FREE Gay Romance Anyone?

Ryders, check this out~! This month’s gay book promo is 100% Free! My ‘to be read’ list will never stop growing if I keep doing these group promos LMAO (not complaining btw, I love it!). Let me know which ones you get and how much you liked them. I love getting book recs from you!

Free LGBT Romances

How Can You Support Indie Authors?

Support Indie Authors

I added an entire new page to my site with plenty of ways you can support me and independent authors like me without having to spend a dime! The graphic above shows the basics, but this page has a more in-depth description of how to do each one and why each one helps –


Inside My Mind – Special Edition~!

Don't compare yourself to anyone else!

No new questions this week in my NGL, but if you want to send me a question to answer in the future, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment. Or, if you want to send anonymously, you can use my NGL link –

I do want to share something with you this week though – don’t compare yourself to anyone else. This is the same picture of me side by side. The one on the left is the original, taken after my crown fell out. I have no front tooth right now haha. Part of my bad week, but I digress.

On the right picture, I used a free photo editing app on my phone. The app fixed my tooth, fixed the dark shadows under my eyes, gave me eye makeup and eyelashes, even made my hair look less faded. So yeah, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, because you are seeing their best and comparing it with your every day, or even your worst. Just be you. Be kind to you. And watch yourself grow.

Another bit of advice that I’ve been trying to internalize – growth is not linear. There will be setbacks, there will be bad days, there will be days when you make no or even negative progress. But if you keep working at it, you will get there!

More coming soon!

That’s it for this week, but I’ve decided on how to celebrate having over 100 subscribers on my list. After The New Normal is out, I’ll be running a giveaway! Keep your eyes on your inbox! 

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PS: Don’t forget, if you want to get a free copy of The New Normal to beta read for me, send me an email and let me know!