Join My Team!

What is an Author’s Street Team?

A street team for an author is basically a group of fans who are willing to go above and beyond to support their favorite writer. They are an integral part of an author’s success, especially indie authors like myself.

What does a Street Team Do?

A street team helps spread the word about their favorite author and books. They are expected to do many of the following (though no one person will be required to do everything on the list!):

  • Post honest book reviews of my new books on places like Amazon, Goodreads, and/or Bookbub (though Amazon and Goodreads are most impactful).
  • Share about the book(s) they loved most on social media

Sound like work? Not gonna lie, it is! The idea is that you’d be taking some of the onus of spreading the word about my books off my shoulders so that I can write more. And also…

You’ll Get Free Stuff!

First off, let me reiterate, this is a commitment, and it’s not for everybody. And that’s ok! But to sweeten the deal, I’m more than happy to offer special goodies just for members. Things like:

  • Free early copies of all my upcoming books in exchange for your reviews
  • Free bonus chapters whenever I write them
  • Early cover reveals and the ability to give your feedback on them
  • Special behind the scenes update and glimpses into my writing process
  • Birthday cards from me
  • A special ‘thank you’ in each of my books that you help review/promo
  • Street Team-only giveaways!
  • Fun goodies as I wander more into physical merch
  • A place to promote your own romance-related work in my mailing list
  • My eternal gratitude til the end of my days

Ok, I’m sold, how do I sign up?

Fill out this google form below and it will get sent right to me. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!